Body Transformation Update…

Wow, my last post was over 2 weeks ago.  In that time I’ve been a busy fella fine tuning my diet and training regimen in the run up to an epic family get together.  Its wedding time, so there is likely to be a lot of love about and it started to focus my mind on my wedding day almost 10 years ago.

My wife made a concious decision to lose some weight for the wedding and I chose not to.  I was not in the best of places and I considered that shredding weight to look good for photos was a little shallow.  The seed hadn’t even been planted at that time about changing my lifestyle.  I was young (er!), enjoying life and not really thinking long term.  It would take another 5 years to have that moment of mental clarity, but what I do remember was getting badgered all the time about losing a few pounds, but I vaguely flirted with the idea!

I remember joining weight watchers with my fiance to give her a bit of moral support, so every week I would go and get weighed, only to find I had put another 2 pounds on.  I also remember the organiser making the comment ‘Andy, you’ve not really grasped the concept of weightwatchers at all have you?, you’re supposed to lose weight not put it on!’, I chuckled, but then my heart wasn’t really in it either.  I was sat listening to the the weekly talk and thinking that the lady didn’t really know what she was talking about.  The premise was basically to cut fat out of the diet, but even then I kind of understood the importance that fat played in the diet.  I kept quiet regardless.  I took about 6 weeks to give up completely because I didn’t see the point.

In August of last year, my wife took a picture of me in a splash pool, its one of many I keep as a mental reminder of where I was at the start of the process.  Over the period of 8 months, I have taken the odd photograph along the way, so I can see the progress of body transformation.  The picture below shows to illustrate just how far I’ve come in a short space of time.

There is still a way to go yet, but I’m happy with the results so far…


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