Fresh start…

So i’ve been in Canada for the last two weeks and I loved every minute of it.  Canada is such a beautiful country, but they also suffer with obesity much like they do in the UK and its easy to see why.

While there is a wide variety of foods available, I have found that there is a social element to supper (or Tea as we call it in the in UK!).  I won’t labour the point but portion sizes are huge both in restaurants and in the home setting.

When I first arrived, I had an opportunity to have a wander around Costco, we have them here in the UK too, but the stores in Canada are huge and thy cater for every need.  My uncle used to joke that you could have lunch just from all the freebies that are dished out instore and he wasn’t wrong.

I found that my training started out with good intentions, but the more places we visited, the more we ate out in restaurants and that’s where the problems started.  Moderation is the key, but I have yet to find a place that provides a moderate portion.  I found myself looking for green salad options, but in many cases, salads came with extremely high fat ranch dressings or low fat options that were high in sugar.

Food labelling was also a nightmare as every food label is based on a portion size and not all portion sizes are equal, so I found myself looking intently and the labels and having to convert the figures to something more meaningful.  In the UK, you get portion sizes but you also get the numbers based on 100g too, so at least you can compare like for like.

Don’t get me wrong, the food is amazing and Alberta Beef is still some of the best beef on the market, but despite my best efforts I now have amassed some holiday weight, so I’m going to document  a daily diary until I return to my holiday pre weight.

Time for a fresh start…


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