Back 2 Basics…

So this weekend has been a nightmare foodwise.  My sons 7th birthday and my dads 65th all in one day.  Two birthday cakes, and none of it healthy.  The contents of which were not my choice, but given what I’ve been through the last two weeks on IF, I made the concious decision to relax the rules.  I’ve been eating clean now for weeks, making some positive food choices, but I’ve made the whole thing a bit monotonous.  I’ve been calorie and macro counting, taking daily measurements, estimating calories deficits through training so its no wonder I got a bit bored of it all.

The net result was eating a tonne of refined sugars and I knew what the outcome would be.  As predicted the scales showed 2kg gain in fat mass, however, I’ve turned this right around into a positive.  I have 2 weeks before a trip to see family, so I’m using the time wisely to prove to myself that making the right food choices can show positive results.  Today alone, I’ve reduced the fat mass by nearly 1kg.  This is not diet alone, this is also making a conscious decision to rest more and on that note, its time for bed…


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