How to lose 10lbs quickly…

So I’ve been away for a few days over the jubilee celebrations and before I left I weighed myself.  Now at this point, I’d like to point out that my weight and my lean mass was right where I wanted it to be…

Weight: 74.2 kgs

Lean Mass: 59.6 kgs

Fat Mass: 14.6 kgs

This data is collected from my Withings Scales which I know is about 1.7kg heavier than the InBody 230 reading that was taken in January, so where my Fat Mass was reporting 14.6kgs, I was actually around 12.9kgs and lean!

So in the 5 day break, I had put on 10lbs deliberately.  This is so that I can document how to lose weight quickly and safely using some tried and tested nutritional principles.

Yesterdays reading were this…

Weight: 78.8 kgs (+4.6 kgs)

Lean Mass: 62.1 kgs (+2.5 kgs)

Fat Mass: (+2.1 kgs)

So what I tried to do was eat the way I used to do, nothing special, just a lot of junk food that I used to take for granted – Crisps, Chocolate, Biscuits, Sweets, Bread, Fast Food etc.  So the purpose is to see how quickly I can lose the weight, by eating the way I now eat, very selective, yet nutritious on every level.

I want to share my experience to a wider audience to see how it can be applied positively.  What I can say is this, during the 5 day binge, the first day I hardly noticed a thing, but my body started to feel the effects, bloated feelings, lack of energy & generally feeling tired all the time.  Mental focus disappeared and a fog descended.  I felt everything was becoming an effort.  Just getting up and moving about became a chore.

So day 2 of my campaign, and I feel an abundance of energy, it will be interesting to see how long it takes before I get back to the weight I was before.  My estimate is 10 days (twice the timeframe – not scientific in anyway!)

Will keep you posted…