BodyPower 2012…

So yesterday was epic in every sense of the word.  We turned up at just after 10am and went straight in.  From the moment we stepped foot inside we were literally given free stuff from each stand we visited.  I only had a handful of exhibitors that I wanted to visit, but I found myself being drawn in to others too.

I had taken food along just so in case but there was little need.  We found ourselves drinking and eating samples all the way around and the majority of the protein / casein samples went down a treat.  There were the odd ones that I had to get rid of because they tasted awful, but generally speaking there were a lot that I would pay good money for!

I went in search of the Optimum Nutrition stand because I have literally ran out of whey protein.  I wanted to try their platinum hydro whey as its had a good write up.  As it turned out, I was given a discount code instead of buying there and then and having to drag a tub around with me.

Had a great chat with Joe Warner & Jon Lipsey from Mens Fitness.  Joe like myself has gone through a body transformation, so I could relate to what he went through.  The only difference was he did it in 12 weeks instead of my 8 months, but he had the very best in the business to help him get there.  Oddly we both reached 11% body fat at the same time, but he went on to achieve a final bf% of 5.5!

Also had a chat with Ben Coomber who was there assisting Anna with her Protein Pow recipes in the nutrition kitchen.  Matt Lovell was there too, so had a quick chat with him before we moved on.

There was so much to look at, that in parts you were a little overwhelmed by it all.  Rob and me, just kept wandering in an out of exhibitors looking at what they were there promoting.  WheyHey ice-cream caught both our attentions, so we tried a few samples.  Its being launched in Holland & Barratt this week and I’m lucky I have one close by, so I’m going to grab a tub one lunchtime!

Had a great chat with Phil Learney from UP Fitness about some of the stuff he’s got in the pipeline.  I’m still looking for that elusive internship that many nutritionists are looking to do, but have yet to come to fruition.  One day soon hopefully 🙂

The day itsself was amazing and came home loaded with information and samples.  I bought a max sweat top while I was there, I’ve had it on a couple of times already but I’m still trying to workout when I’ll use it.  Probably when I go MTBing but who knows!

Got home tired from all the walking about, but I got home already looking forward to next years…


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