One month on…

I looked back at my last post and realised that it was a month ago.  In the last month I’ve been so busy tweaking and tuning my diet and really looking into the science of it to get a real understanding of how it all works.  There are so many variables at work its not all about diet and I was so focussed on eating as optimal as possible, I neglected the other aspects of life like recovery and stress both in work and in the form of overtraining.

Lets face it, I make every effort to be in bed by 10.30pm but I rarely get to bed before 11pm, there’s usually something that keep me up.  I have demands placed on me at work that makes it difficult to relax properly, there’s always something on my mind and I’m either on the internet researching a problem or fixing it.  I train to destress, but I overdo it which causes cortisol stress.  I need to start taking things easier and I’ve learned I get better results if I have a more relaxed approach to my lifestyle.

I’ve also been mixing things up a bit and trying different things to see what works and what doesn’t.  Its fair to say I’ve gone back to basics and for the next 2 weeks I’m back to calculating macros.  In only 2 days, I’ve realised potential flaws in my dietary requirements which will get addressed over time for for the time being I’m happy I’m making progress…


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