A few little experiments…

Over the course of last week I’ve been keeping busy with a few little experiments to do with Fasting.  I read a lot about the health benefits of training in a fasted state but as usual I like to try those out for myself so that I can personally separate fact from fiction.  I know that every individual is different which is why I test these claim on myself first.
So the first experiment was to see the benefits of cycling 25km in a fasted state.  In the run up to the first experiment I made sure that my nutritional intake was on point and that I had recovery in check too.  So before I headed out, I drank a coffee about 20 mins before setting off.  The caffeine would help gear me up and provide the focus I needed to help negotiate the busy commuter traffic.  I arrived at work with a buzz and I felt pretty lean if I’m honest.

The next task the very next day was to run to and from work covering 15km in total.  Initially I thought this was a big ask because I had never attempted this before and the weather was hot.  Nonetheless I wore my maxsweat top so I could extract every ounce of sweat possible and hit the road.  Halfway to work and I started to feel uncomfortable because of the heat but lucky for me we have showers at work so it was no big deal.  Again having arrived safely at work I felt very lean and decided that eating a banana post exercise would at least provide me with a little nutrition to keep me going – it worked!

Today was another little test, however this was purely a test of endurance aimed at fasting for a whole 24 hours.  I wanted to understand how I would feel going a full day without food.  This was prompted by the thought that if in future I decided to cycle or run to work, would I be able to carry little more than a change of clothes and not get hung up on making sure I had every nutritional base covered.  In conclusion it was a great little experiment.  I still felt good well into the 20 hour fast albeit a little dehydrated but this was probably because I had consumed 3 cups of green tea and 2 cups of coffee and only 2 glasses of water.  I’ll know to take on board a little more water next time.

Again, I feel very lean and happy with the way things are going.

So the next test will either be a cycle or run to work with just a set of clothes to carry to change into when I get there…

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