Holiday mode on, diet mode off…

Its fair to say that during my holiday I put on a few pounds (13 in all!).  What started out as good intentions quickly developed into a ‘I’m going to enjoy myself, so what the hell’ mindset.

There were numerous occasions where I sought out my favourite ice cream by far (DQ’s Peanut Buster Bar) and an array of fast food that was freely available.  For the first few days, I made geniune efforts to side step temptation and eat as clean as possible, but I was on holiday and I had worked hard up until that point.

During my 2 weeks in Canada, I was keen to understand how food played its part in the grand scheme of things, so I started to read labels.  Initially at first it was confusing because here in the UK, you get a breakdown of both portion size and per 100g, so fundamentally you have a better chance of comparing like for like.  No so in Canada, you get portion size only, so if you were trying to compare 2 items side by side you had some maths to do!

I did notice a a lot of salt is added to processed food upward of 30-40% RDA in a lot of snacks.  Alberta beef is generally regarded as being the best in the land so I sought out some beef jerky snacks to keep me going.  I found not only was salt added to the process but a a lot of sugar was added to.  This was just one example.

Being out an about a lot, food choices were limited to sandwiches or burgers and not a lot in between.  I did opt for a salad in Wendys once, but I had to refrain for all the ranch dressings that came with it.  A lot of places also have infinite refills, so an 18oz cup of Root Beer quickly became 54oz!

I enjoyed my stay in Canada immensly, I always do, the scenery is breathtaking and I miss my family loads when I return.  I decided to get over the jetlag and then knuckle down on getting back to pre holiday weight.  Its fair to say, I’ve been very aggressive with the weight loss because I wanted to see just how quickly I could do it but still remain within the parameters of a healthy diet.  The last time I was in Canada it took me months to lose 10lbs, but I’ve done 13lbs in just over a week.

I will publish my diary tomorrow to show you just how I managed it…

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