IF Diary – Week 2

IF Day 8 – 17th March 2012

Work is definitely causing a few issues with training.  I’m having to work late into the night and at very odd hours, so I’m taking a few days off training to recoup.  Having said that I did a 5km run along a very picturesque canal towpath this AM which allowed me to de-stress a little bit.  Trying to keep hormones in check while concentrating on the nutritional aspects of IF by trying a few recipes too.  Today I had a go at a healthy chicken curry and it was one of the finest curries I’ve had in recent times – cooked to perfection!

W: 75.3, L: 60.6, F14.7

IF Day 9 – 18th March 2012

Woke up to rain, so waited for a break in the clouds before heading out for a quick 5km.  Still managed to get all my jobs out of the way today and decided to spend the day with my family.  I sometimes need to slow down every once in a while and take stock of what I do have.  Spending quality time with loves ones can be just the ticket!

Went to the park and had an ice cream before heading back home.  Storm clouds were chasing us on the way back.  Set aside some time for a home workout before doing food prep for the day ahead.

W: 75.2, L: 61.2, F14.0

IF Day 10 – 19th March 2012

So I had a crap nights sleep.  Electric board messing around with a substation all night so therefore house alarms going off ALL night.  Woke up to a beautiful fresh spring morning, so I decided on a swift 2.5km around the block – really enjoyed it, in fact I’m really loving the sprints/jog before work, time to clear my head.  Nutrition has been good today.  Felt a little dizzy before lunch, but had some green tea and felt fine.  Had a couple of cups of coffee today too.  Eagerly waited for my chicken curry for tea and I was in heaven.  Had it with lots of green veg – it went down a treat!  Finished it off with a grapefruit and a healthy paleo banana muffin.  No gym today, just half an hour on the free weights at home.  Life is good.

W: 75.9, L: 61.0, F14.9

IF Day 11 – 20th March 2012

So did a short 2.5km again this AM and having spoken to Ben Coomber, we’ve decided that running every day is counter productive to the CNS.  I need to be a little more aware of hormonal changes that can affect the results.  By my very nature, I’m analytical and keen to understand what’s happening but I’ve been overlooking the part that stress plays in all this.  Working in a stressful environment its easy to see why the gains haven’t been as expected, but now its been made clear by a few choice words, I remain more focused than ever, so starting tomorrow I’ll be more relaxed and work hard to achieve the results I’m after.  The diet remains in tact, it’s the way I’ve approached training that needs re-evaluating!

W: 75.5, L: 61.0, F14.5

IF Day 12 – 21st March 2012

So today I had a renewed interest in my diet.  I played by the rules and made certain to stay with the macros.  I was really ready for lunch and savoured every moment.  Usually I wolf my food down, but I took my time and enjoyed every minute of it.  The mid afternoon snack was some cuts of meat and some blueberries – loved them and tonight for my evening meal, I tried something new and tasty…Cauliflower mash with parsnip, a side order of green veg and some king prawns.  A smashing meal and healthy to boot.  Can’t wait to have that again it was awesome!

W: 75.0, L: 60.0, F: 15.0

IF Day 13 – 22nd March 2012

Today is rest day and boy do I need it.  Been a frustrating week this week.  The weight loss has stopped altogether now.  The diet has been bang on, so it has to be the training volume.  Not sure if its too much or too little right now, but that is something I’m going to look into.  Hopefully things will start to pick up again imminently.

W: 74.9 L: 60.4, F14.5

IF Day 14 – 23rd March 2012

Woke up with a spring in my step despite the lack of sleep.  The thing that’s letting me down at the minute is the late nights.  I had every intention of hitting the sack early but then I got engrossed in a health documentary, so it was midnight again before I finally climbed into bed.  Need to start making a huge effort with sleep over the coming days.

W:75.2, L: 60.6, F14.6


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