Ready for the onslaught…

This week I’ve decided to turn it up a notch.  I’ve reached a training plateau and my body just wasn’t reacting well, so I’ve changed to a new training cycle (always good to keep the body guessing!).  With the help from my good friend Ben Coomber.  We are to embark on an IF programme that should yield great results for the final 5 weeks of my body transformation project, Phase 1.

I’ve started to prep for the onslaught that begins on Monday.  This week has been a precursor to see if my mind and body will adapt in such a way that will push me to the very extremes of what my body is able to do.

To illustrate, I’m planning to work out 3 times a day.  The day will start out with a 5km run before I even have anything to eat, this will allow me to lean up quicker, I will then follow this up with an hour and a half at the gym at around 6pm, where upon I get some good quality nutrition down me before finishing off with a quick session of pull ups, tricep dips, lunges and overhead press before hitting the sack for some well earnt rest.  I am planning to stick a rest day or 2 into the plan but Ben thinks I’m mad.  I’m going to be clinical in my approach though.  The fundamental aspect for me is going to be recovery.  I’m a firm believer that the body is capable of massively great things provided the necessary support is in place and I’ve been inspired by @JoeWarner at Mens Fitness who’s embarked on a 12 week project to develop a cover model body.

For me, recovery and nutrition are paramount.  One of my favourite quotes recently was from @IronMacFitness who suggested that if you spend more on fuelling your car than you do your own body, you have your priorities wrong, and I couldn’t agree more.

So, I’ve been preparing ingredients and purchasing the right supplementation ready for the onslaught.  Bring it on…


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