Cardio in a fasted state…

So i’ve been reading up on IF (intermittent Fasting) and decided to give it a go, but yesterday was a disaster…I don’t think my application of it was well thought out to be honest.  The plan was to ‘Fast’ until lunchtime and then have 3 meals 3 hours apart, but I found myself munching on fruit shortly after ‘Breakfast’.  Once I started though, I found it difficult to stop the craving.  I found myself eating 2 bananas, a pear, some strawberries, 2 apples and then some blueberries – FRUCTOSE OVERLOAD.  It didn’t stop there either.  Later in the afternoon I started on mixed seeds and nuts and then to my utter disappointment Oat Biscuits!  So Saturday was a write-off as far as I was concerned, so today I decided to weight myself on the ‘Withings Scales’ and start again.

The weather wasn’t that great this morning, rain…and that stuff that wets you through, you know the stuff, the fine rain that seems to completely saturate you, so I waited for a break in the cloud before heading out.  Now the route I took was a small 2.09km route.  Right back in the early days this would take me 22mins to get around (most of it walking granted!), but I put on the Rocky soundtrack and blasted round in 9’24.  I even lit up a speed marker which thanked me for travelling 8mph (That put a smile on my face I can tell you!).  I could have got around faster as yesterday I did the same route in 10’02, so I was more than half a minute quicker and my heart thanked me for it.

So I got back, had a bath and waited an hour before weighing myself again.  I wanted to see what the result was pre and post run and I was absolutely amazed…

Pre Run Lean Mass – 61.6kg

Post Run Lean Mass – 62.2kg

Pre Run Fat Mass – 16.4kg

Post Run Fat Mass – 15.6kg

I weighed myself 3 times and took an average which is what I always do, so I was beyond pleased with the results.  So if anyone wants to give Cardio in a fasted state a try, 1) I can recommend it and 2) It works.

So now I’m cooking up ways to work this into my training protocol…


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