Food intake and training…

I’ve been playing around with my diet of late and trying not only what works best but when.  Part of working out the best time to eat is listening very closely to what your body wants.  I found it difficult understanding whether I was hungry or thirsty, but with a little trial and error, I’ve got there.  Part of the puzzle is working out what to eat pre and post workout.  Generally speaking I eat a banana and some peanut butter about 2 hours before I train.  It works for me.  It gives me the energy levels I need to maximize training time which is generally on the way home from work.  For a post workout meal, I generally opt for protein and green veg in either fish or meat form when I get home.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve found a real taste for red meat and my favourite cut of beef is definitely ribeye, my veg of choice are Asparagus, Brocolli, green beans and oddly cauliflower.  I’ve always liked cauliflower, but my taste buds have changed and its a lot sweeter than I’m used to.  Maybe its because of its organic qualities, but I love the stuff now.

The other thing was eggs, I love ’em, but I was eating them everyday and started to get bored of them, so decided to try protein pancakes and they are heaven.  I’ve now started to rotate these in to my menu.  In fact, just thinking about them now is making me hungry 🙂

I’ve been training a lot lately too and the weather is starting to get slightly better, so I’ve been mountain biking at the weekends and I love it.  The concentration needed to bike at speed suits me down to the ground because working in IT, my mind is always on the go thinking up ways to problem-solve and having something else to concentrate on is a godsend for me at least.  It also gives me the freedom to get out there.  I’ve never been much of a gym go-er and it suits a purpose in the winter months but living in the UK we just don’t get enough Vitamin D so its a perfect opportunity to get out and receive all that the sun has to offer…


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