Move Eat Treat campaign

I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight a campaign that’s gaining momentum by one of my virtual buddies JP Lightfoot.  Joseph (or Dr Lightfoot as he’s just qualified!) helped me when I messed up my ankle recently so I feel I owe him one!  Joseph is heading up the Move Eat Treat campaign (  Its hugely important in the respect that nutrition can be a confusing subject at best and the correct information doesn’t always get through to the people who need it most.

There are two pieces of basic nutritional advice that I see as a good indicator of whether the healthcare advisor knows what they’re talking about, or quoting incorrect information which could actually be detrimental to health.  They are:

1. Eggs carry a high cholesterol risk

2. Saturated Fat is bad for you

I have to say I was on the receiving of such advice when I had a BUPA assessment back in early December 2011.  I was a little surprised that I was actually paying for advice like this, but on reflection the information just isn’t filtering down to the GPs and nurses correctly and this is where the Move Eat Treat campaign comes into its own.

Imagine if healthcare professionals were given the tools to deliver effective lifestyle advice to allow patients to live healthier happier lives and avoid getting ill in the first place?  That would be an immense step forward don’t you think?

Please show your support and get involved, its a very worthwhile cause to be a part of…


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