Smashed it this week……

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve played around with my diet tweaking it here and there to make optimum use of the nutrients.  I’ve analysed my intake by using  I’ve tried a few of these online diet trackers, but this site on the face of it covers a lot food I use day to day, and it has a wicked barcode reader for scanning stuff you find in the supermarket – much simpler then entering it manually.

I’ve also started to read the many nutrition books I bought or had bought for me at Christmas which have really helped in my quest to become leaner.  The whole process was to reach 68kg from the 108kg I started out at, and with the end in sight, I’ve become incredibly focused on the task at hand.

I’ve also noticed a huge increase in the levels of energy I have.  I literally leap out of bed in the morning, something that’s evaded me for so long.  I’m finding that I’m pushing the envelope of what my body can do, but I’m happy I’m not overdoing it.  I listen to the feedback my body is giving me so much now and I’m the sort of person that has to analyse everything (It comes with working in IT!).  I’ve started to take my resting heart rate first thing in the morning because I read a tweet this week that suggested that if you baseline your heart rate at rest, you will be able to read more easily if you’re overdoing it as your heart rate becomes elevated.  When I say overdoing it, this could be that it may be something as simple as not getting enough sleep and not giving your body chance to recover properly.

I had an elevated reading this morning, but this was because I was working until very late last night and only got 5 hours sleep good quality sleep, I generally aim for at least 7 so it appears to work.

I’ve also tracked my weight loss since the start and Saturday has become the weekly weigh-in.  I was hopeful that this was going to be a good week, but I’ve smashed it this week, so this proves that i’ve finally got the diet where I need it to be.


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