Research is the name of the game

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a couple of weeks now, this is not intentional, far from it.  I’m in the middle of a transformation process.  Part of that process is self education and I’m busy researching everything I read because I have two goals this year.  In the early days of the process, there was a vast amount of information to wade through and so many conflicting statements about good nutrition.  The challenge was to separate the wheat from the chaff.  I would find myself reading an article and then reading another that contradicted the first, this was very confusing.  I thought the best way to address these conflicts was to go straight to the source, so I found myself popping along to the odd seminar to learn more.  I remember thinking that a lot of what I would listen too would go straight over my head, so I read, researched and started to pick out the very people who knew a lot about what they wrote about.  What I found was the same names would surface time and time again, so I zoned in on this handful of people and read with interest what they had to say.

I spotted an opportunity to vist bfit-expo where to my delight the very people that I was reading about would be in attendance.  I find myself reading and researching articles that are published daily by this small amount of people, so where is this leading….

I feel very passionate about nutrition but 20 years ago the internet was in its infancy so I only had a couple of books to reference back then (I still have them today!).  I will admit I lost my motivation, but this year I’ve re-ignited that passion, so I am planning to do a proper course or two later in the year and then follow this up further, so research is the name of the game….


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