A Day at BFit-Expo

I can’t tell you just how much I’ve enjoyed today!

There were some amazing people at the Expo that I genuinely hold in high regard. Some of these people I’ve followed on twitter for quite some time, so let me introduce them.

Caroline Pearce
Now anyone that watched Gladiators on TV will know her as ‘ICE’ but these days she presents on TV as well as being a nutritionist. I sat in on her presentation ‘The weight loss code’ and was impressed with the majority of the content. The fact that I was a little star struck may have helped too, but I listened to what she had to say and enjoyed every minute of it.

Fiona Kirk
I’m a huge fan of Fiona Kirk with her no nonsense approach to food. I had a very informal chat with her and she has given me lots of things to follow up on in terms of things to read and research.

Phil Learney
I’m a big fan of Phil Learney.  Despite some technical challenges during his presentation, Phil did an excellent job. His presence on stage is awe-inspiring. This guy knows a lot about Protein! He is also going to let me have his presentation notes, so I’m eternally grateful to him for that.  I also grabbed an opportunity to say ‘Hello’ albeit slightly rushed as the next presentation was due on stage.

Matt Lovell
Matt is an unassuming character yet extremely knowledgable about Nutrition. I was absolutely made up to meet him. I’ve bought his book ‘Fist Full of Food’ which he signed while I was there. I’ve followed Matt for what seems like forever and I’m very interested to hear what he has to say. I sat in on a presentation where he and Gavin Allinson cooked up Four Fat Loss Meals and I have to say that the smoothie they made I’ll be trying at home myself. It was unbelievable!

Ruben Tabares
Ruben is a guy I admire greatly. He is the nutritionist for David Haye (Boxer) amongst other celebrities, but he is also competing in the 2012 Olympics. I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of his presentations about Whole Food sports nutrition and was amazed at the vast knowledge he has on the subject. I caught up with him afterwards and his energy is infectious. I’m glad I had time to say ‘Hi!’

The Training Lab (Ben Coomber / Andy McKenzie)
If I’m totally honest, these were the two guys I was really interested to meet from the outset.  Ben has helped me achieve so much since August, I felt compelled to go and meet him in person.  His whole attitude towards nutrition has inspired me to think about nutrition in a totally different way to the point that I’m seriously considering doing an accredited course on the subject!

He’s such a likeable character he radiates positivity! (He’s definitely a glass half full kind of guy!)

So how would I describe Andy McKenzie?  Well that’s simple, he’s AWESOME.  I got to spend some time with Andy where he gave me lots of pointers on how to perform deadlifts correctly and well as show me how to effectively use the muscles in my arms.  The thing with Andy is that he’s super professional when it comes to teaching, it comes very natural to him.  He takes the time to make sure you nail what’s he taught you before moving onto the next thing.

The Training Lab are planning some seminars this year, and if the opportunity presents itsself again, I will be there in a heart beat 🙂

So in summary, an absolutely fantastic day,  I got to meet lots of people that I have a great deal of respect for and I came away with lots of information to moves thing forward.

Not a bad day at all……


2 responses to “A Day at BFit-Expo

  1. Have to agree with comments on training lab, Andy is a great guy and showed how big his imagination is with some of the movements he was doing not only with his equipment but with unikurve too. Unfortunately as Unikurve was launching I found it hard to get anywhere else at the show as I didn’t want to leave my stand ji felt like an expectant dad. I did manage a quick look around, but everyone understood when I spoke to them. On a plus out of the hundreds of people that tried unikurve not one had any negative comments and now the enquiries from PT’s and gyms are coming in thick and fast.

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