Bad experiences with restaurants

Today, I’d like to share an experience I had at the weekend with a Greek restaurant.

Now it may just be naivety but I think that restaurants have an obligation to provide good food to customers that are paying for it.  The recession is hitting everyone hard, but it seems that some restaurants in order to combat this are offering less for more money, or using clever ways to make the meal look bigger than it actually is.

Takes this as a case in point….

Having looked at the greek menu, there was obviously a lot of food on the menu that on the face of it was quite healthy.  Olive Oils, Fresh Fish, Feta Cheeses, Olives, Fresh herbs, salad foods likes tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh green leaves etc, so I opted for a choice called King Prawn Saganaki.  On closer inspection, the meal contained, King Prawns, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Garlic and Olive Oil, so I though great, sounds healthy so put an order in.  Twenty minutes went by and my meal turned up.  What arrived was the smallest portion I had ever seen!

To break it down, the meal contained….

4 King Prawns, 2 thin slices of tomatoes and a very small portion of Feta Cheese all within the smallest of ceramic bowls and laced with garlic.  This wasn’t the thing that bothered me so much though, it was the fact that in order to hide the size of the portion, they literally filled 75% of the plate in french fries – there was no mention of this on the menu at all.  Luckily, I had ordered a side order of greek salad otherwise I would have starved.

It was my wifes birthday, so I chose to opt for a desert afterwards which as described was ice cream with nuts and cream.  What actually turned up was a boat of 1 scoop of strawberry, 1 scoop of chocolate and 1 scoop of vanilla surrounded by squirty cream from a can and instead of nuts, there were 3 chocolate sticks instead.

I just think that the restaurant could have done more with the ingredients and not opted for cheap alternates instead.  I also think the restaurant are missing a trick with its customers because poor service tends to get noticed.

I’ve complained to the restaurant owners and I’m currently awaiting their response.

I’d love to hear similar stories if anyone has one…


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