New Year Transformation

Well first of all happy new year.  There’s a buzz about 2012 and for good reason.  This year is my 40th and I set myself a huge task last year with a bit of luck will come to fruition.

I’ve become more focussed and set smaller goals to reach my objective.  Initially it was to get to 68kg before my birthday in September, but I’ve brought this forward by 6 months to focus the mind and body a little more.

I had actually started this process on Jan 1st 2011, but after the initial weight loss and returning from 2 weeks in Canada, I couldn’t sustain the weight loss, so I sought out the help of Ben Coomber of BodyType Nutrition.  He encouraged me to look at food in a different way again (I used to love nutrition 20 years ago, but I wasn’t that serious about it back then).  Ben has re-ignited the nutrition bug and I’ve spent the last 5 months researching as much as possible with a view to doing something more serious about it at some point later in the year.

When I sought out the help of Ben, I took some initial photographs to use a visual aid to see how I’m progressing.  Bear in mind these photos were taken in August when in fact I’d started the process back in January, but I only really took head shots back then.

So here are the transformation photographs I took back in August (Top) and the ones I took yesterday, 7th Jan 2012 (Bottom)

When I started I was 108kg and in August I had reduced this to 93.5kg, yesterday I weighed in at 82.3kg.  There is still a way to go, but I’m still on target for the end of March and very much focussed on the job at hand.

The journey is not over yet, but I’m getting there…


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