Don’t believe all you read and see…

So again I found myself talking to the TV during Food Hospital.  When I say talk its more of a mini rant.  I’ve only recently got into nutrition, so its very easy for me to be led a stray, but I find myself not getting caught up in the hype and I tend to have a more measured approach.  It basically boils down to not taking anything at face value until I’ve done some personal research.

I’ve found twitter to be hugely beneficial in that respect, because the same names keep cropping up when I float around the interweb.  I’ve quickly latched on to those seasoned professionals who actually know what they’re talking about.  The likes of Ben Coomber from BodyType Nutrition and Martin Macdonald from Mac-Nutrition have been really helpful in my quest to understand the intricacies of Nutrition more fully.  I found myself latching onto others too and like I said the same names keep cropping up time and time again.  I will take every opportunity to ‘big up’ those individuals who may have inadvertently helped me along the way.

So to the following people, a big thank you for doing what you do best, its greatly appreciated…

Ben Coomber BodyType Nutrition

Martin MacDonald Mac-Nutrition

Joseph Lightfoot S&C coach

Graeme Close of Close Nutrition

Joel Snape Features Editor @ Mens Fitness

Mark Ellison of ElliNutrition

Performance Nutrition

Joel Snape pointed me at an article this week which prompted me to sit up and read…now I know #4 was bad, but I hadn’t realised just how bad 😦

…Have a read yourself!


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