Mac-Nutrition Conference 27th November 2011

So as promised, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the 1st Mac-Conference I very nearly missed!

The first thing that struck me was the sheer volume of people at the conference.  There were an eclectic mix of people from clinical dieticians, doctors, triathletes, personal trainers and a few disciplined everyday gym-goers.  What I found so appealing was that these people genuinely enjoyed what they did for a living and were here to expand their knowledge.

I came across the Mac-Nutrition purely by chance.  I was researching some nutrition stuff on the interweb and came across Martin MacDonald via a twitter feed.  It must be the season for Nutrition conferences as Ben Coomber of BodyType Nutrition is organising a similar event this weekend at the TrainingLab, but unfortunately I can’t make that one due to work commitments – sorry Ben!

So as it was my first conference, I was a little aprehensive as I was expecting quite a few knowledgeable people attending, and as I’m new to this, felt a little out of depth.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The sessions were split into two…Session1 predominantly a myth buster with a precursor to challenge dogma and unfounded guidelines.  The quote “No matter how elegant the science, you must occasionally look at the results” was very apt.  Martin would critique research in a way that was humorous but nailed the point home.  This session was very informative and overall extremely well delivered.

Session 2 dealt with Nutrition for athletic performance and I found this very interesting to start with, but was pitched at some of the healthcare practitioners who got a little hung up on the calculations.  I found myself getting more confused in the end!

Overall, a superb conference delivered by an equally superb Martin MacDonald.  I just wish I could have stayed a bit longer for Session 2 Q&A, but there’s always the next time 🙂


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