…Its been a crazy couple of weeks

Well more like 3 to be honest…

I’ve appeared in the January 2012 edition of Mens Fitness UK where I had my diet and training plan critiqued by none other than Nick Mitchell of UPFitness located in Mayfair London.  Nick is a highly regarded S&C Poliquin trainer so it was great to get a critique done by him.  The new training plan is brutal and the suggestion of lowering my fruit intake and replacing with more protein is something I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks to try to understand the response from my body.

Most fruit I was consuming was high in Fructose, which isn’t great for Fat Loss, so my new goal is to optimise my diet so my body turns into a fat burning machine.  I’m still hopeful of the results but a lot has happened in the last two weeks.

I’ve been put on call at work and this is affecting my sleep and subsequent training plan, so I have to pick my moments to train properly.  I have some free weights at home, so I’ve been putting together a home routine, but I lack the weights (may need to buy more, or wait for a christmas pressie from Santa!)

Last Sunday, I attended my first Nutrition course (more on that in another post to follow), but it really opened my eyes.  I was so happy to see a packed conference of people who genuinely enjoyed their field of occupation, and it really got me thinking about where I’d like to head to in the future.  Life is for living and so you should enjoy doing something you really enjoy, whatever it may be.  Thanks so much to Mac-Nutrition for letting me be apart of it, I very nearly missed it altogether!

I’ve also had an advanced health screen compiled by BUPA and I’m really happy with the report.  For 19 years, my health and diet have suffered due to sports related injuries and lack of motivation to start from scratch again.  Since Jan 1st 2011, I have been on a personal crusade to improve planet ‘me’ and have enlisted a number of people to help me along the way.  I recruited the help of a sports nutritionist and he has helped me achieve in a very short space of time something I’ve been trying to achieve for 6 months.  I am so grateful for his help.  The BUPA report suggested that I’ve managed to reverse 19 years of poor diet and health in 11 months.  I am seriously over the moon about that, but I still have a target to reach by next March and I still have a few hurdles to overcome on the way.

…Christmas being one of them!


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