Milestones are a good thing…

So today I found out that I am the lightest I’ve been for the last 13 years!

At the start of this year, I made a personal commitment to reach my target weight of 75kgs by September 5th 2012.  Why so specific?

Next year is my 40th birthday and in that time, I have to unravel 19 years of bad diet, poor health and sport injuries along the way, some of which were that brutal, they impacted my pursuit to get fit.

So this year, I started out at 105kg and in nearly 11 months I’ve managed to lose 17kg.  Now to me, that’s not a great deal, I’ve lost focus a few times this year and it has cost me lost weeks.  Self indulgence and lack of focus to get the job done are the main reasons, but in the last two months I can really see all my efforts starting to pay off.

I recruited the help of Ben Coomber at Body Type Nutrition ( to look at my diet and help me get things back on track.  He has really helped me to understand the mechanics of nutrition and how it can help me to achieve my goals.

I have always had an interest in nutrition, but never looked in the right places for the help I needed to make it work for me.

Every day is a school day, but the key for me is setting small milestones to work to and rewarding myself with little perks when I achieve them…


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