Cakes in the office….

So my boss brought cakes into the office yesterday and I desperately wanted one, but resisted the urge.  A friend of mine tucked in nonetheless, but I decided to look at the nutritional breakdown instead.  It didn’t make for great reading!

“So do you know how much refined sugar is in that thing”, I asked

“I couldn’t give a sh!t”, he replied

This got me wondering, that if we could tell if the food we ate would either reduce or extend our lifespan, would that make any difference to the food choices we made?

I would like to think it would.  Its the very principle I live by these days.  Carefully planning right down to macronutrient level to make sure I have the right level of Protein, Carbs and Fat.

Yes Fat is a good thing, provided its the right sort of fat…


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